I wanted to talk about something I've been slowly debating over the last few weeks/months.. probably years after listening to all the family stories.

Is being creative hereditary?

Let me explain.

I consider myself to be rather creative, I like writing, slowly getting into photography. Give me the money and I'll get into interior design too [If I had the money, my room would be perfect!] and I've always had this weird dream of making a film in my old primary school [impossible now they've turned a grade 2 listed building into flats..INTO FLATS!!! sorry I'm pretty angry about that]

Over the years I've been told these stories how my granddad used to play piano [something I can nearly do] and how he used to make short films and create stage shows with the local children/teens of the area, and how my Nana used to make all the costumes [and her own clothes.. and sanitary towels TMI it was the 60's]

And it really got me thinking. As someone who can sew, has visions of film making, writing [fiction] and obviously having an very vivid imagination [or so my English teacher told me]. Have I inherited this from my family, has this creativity been passed down or is it just something that I've made the connection with and I'm just talking out of my arse?

The thing is, the whole of my nanmum's side of the family are creative. My nanmum used to be in her father's stage shows, and she's always been involved in the youth group [she's more child friendly than creative coming to think of it] and I haven't necessarily been brought up in a "creative" environment, it's just something that has flourished over the years

So it really does beg the question.

Is creativity passed down through the generations, or am I being an idiot?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Let me know in the comments.

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I hope you are all well. 

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