50 Things That Make Me Happy



Let me share 50 things that make me happy with you. I was tagged by Debra-Bow from [DEBRABOW] to do this post. Thanks lovely x 

1. My NanMum, [explanation IWD2016 post x ].
2. Pizza
3.Coffee [too much]
4. Fresh Notepads
5. The moon. I love the moon
6. Water. The sea, a lake, the rain [especially the rain] 
7. Storms when I'm inside. 
8. When my nail polish goes on right first time
9. When I'm in a writing flow. 
10. When my posts are scheduled!!

11. When I take my makeup off
12. When I've put my makeup on
13. When you find the perfect mascara
14. Netflix. please don't take it away. 
15. My 7 year old cousin - who's really smart and funny. 
16. When people become successful and aren't afraid to celebrate. 
17. Free Books on Amazon!!
18. Chocolate.. white chocolate preferably. Please.. Thanks.
19. The right shade in foundation 
20. When I actually manage to sleep like a normal person

21. My dog.. everything about him makes me happy. 
22. The girls in our Twitter/Whatsapp group chat #SqaudGoals 
23. Blogging
24. Letting my imagination run away with me when I write. 
25. Waking up to nice comments on my blog. 
26. The fact that I wake up at all. 
27. A new calendar in January normally makes me happy.
28. Fresh makeup sponges/Clean makeup brushes. 
29. Ice cold water in Summer. 
30. Summer in general.

Part of the cover to this years calendar

31. Walking my dog. 
32. Finding a really good tv show [*cough* Trapped (on BBC) *Cough*]
33. A fully charged phone
34. Zoellas 30 minute vlogs. 
35. When my hair does what I want it to. 
36. Being alone
37. New jeans. 
38. Reading other people's blogs and relating to them
39. When I hit my personal blogging goals. 
40. When I've written a post I'm happy with. 

41. The sound of rain on a tin/metal roof. 
42. Blogger chats and meeting new people
43. Writing a paragraph I don't want to cross out [non-blog]
44. Cheese on Toast. 
45. Being lazy 
46. Being outside of the UK..
47. Seeing my brothers
48. The perfect sex on the beach [cocktail]
49. The weird thought that people actually read my blog. 

And finally .

50. The thought that I'm doing something I love and that I don't want to stop doing it. It's been a while since I had something like this. 

If you want to do this post: HIGHLY RECOMMEND: then feel free and let me know on Twitter!!. 

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I hope you are all well. 

Miss Jamie-Leigh

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