As you can tell by the title of this post. I want to talk about the people on Youtube that inspire me. Sure Youtube can be a place to find great videos, funny videos and to see the latest music videos, but for me it's so much more now.

I created my first channel back in 2009 and I've been hooked ever since. I now operate a new channel but that's not what we're here to talk about. Over the years I have discovered some Youtubers that truly inspire me in many different ways and have influenced my life up to this point.

So Who inspires me: 

A few blogs ago [in why I blog?] I mentioned that I'm interested in photography and slowly building up more of a passion for it. I'm not great, I'm probably not even technically able but two Youtubers have inspired me to want to become better at photography, and hopefully in the next coming months, you'll be able to see what I mean.

Mr Ben Brown -  I love Ben's adventurous spirit although in one of his latest videos [I'm creating a playlist] he mentioned that because of his kayaking he used to have to be careful with the activities he took part in because of the risk of injury, and it resonated with me, I've always been careful and maybe now it's time to let go. His Instagram is firstly amazing, and secondly inspirational to any wannabe photographer [or like me someone interested in photography]. His shots capture the moment and are simply beautiful.

Mark E Miller - It's more Mark [and Ethans] filmmaking skills that have inspired me lately, they always seem to get the perfect artistic shot, and filmmaking sort of comes under photography, he classifies as a photography inspiration to me. He also has a positive outlook on life that I'd love to have and whilst life isn't always simple, he inspires me to look at things more positively too!.

The next two Youtubers that inspire me are for family and relationship reasons. These two people have made me realise who the more important people in my life are. And whilst my family relationships are far from perfect, they've made me understand that it's worth working at.

RomanAtwoodVlogs - The amount of love he exudes for his family is amazing. You see his eyes light up in the presence of his children and his family. And he is an all round good guy. He works hard, and plays hard - isn't that what life is all about?

FouseyTube [DoseOfFousey] - This channel has changed the relationship I have with myself and the way I see myself. Fousey  has undergone a fair amount of weight loss and it's inspired me, not necessarily to lose weight but to always keep in mind that if there's something in my life I want to change, then I am able to change it. It might take some time, but change isn't always impossible.

And for now I think I'll leave it there. Should I do a specific beauty and fashion post in the same style as this? Let me know. 

I'll be leaving links to all the channels mentioned below and a link to my "Youtubers that inspire me playlist" so you can take a look if you want to. 

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I hope you are all well. 

Miss Jamie-Leigh




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