Why is your blog important?



So I was asked the other day by my biological mother [Need an explanation? Read: International Womens Day] Why I treat my blog like a job, and why it's important to me.

At the time I simply said "Because I do". But there is definitely more to that question or more the answer than that.

So why do I think my blog is important to me?

It's my cathartic release. I have anxiety and it's my happy place, a place I can fill with what I'm feeling and find other people who feel the same.

It's opened me up to this amazing online community of bloggers who whilst once upon a time, I would be by myself, I now talk to and have conversations with - which with 140 characters is more difficult than you think!

#BloggerChats are now what I look forward to.

I reach goals with my blog. Recently one month in I hit 4000 pageviews! 4000 eyes have been laid on my blog. I was surprised enough when I hit 1000!!!

The engagement on twitter makes me feel like I'm doing one thing right in a world where I think I'm not doing so great [personal issues... not going there]

It's something I truly enjoy doing, I enjoy the ease of an idea being in my head and then out into the world within a short space of time [minus scheduling... scheduling is a bane of a blogger!.... and DA wtf is that?!]

Blogging in such a short space of time has changed my life. I'm more social now, I express myself better, I enjoy my interests even more now I have them to share with you reading this and not being told "it's boring" or "why do you like that".

This place is a microcosm of ME. And I truly love it.

So yeah - There was a lot more to that answer.

Why is your blog important to you? Let me know in the comments.

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I hope you are all well. 

Miss Jamie-Leigh

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