Let's talk #BloggerChats. 

So if you are a blogger and you're not taking part in blogger chats - You're missing out. Seriously. 

When I first started blogging I was apprehensive about joining the chats because I was new, I didn't know what I'd have to add to the conversation and I didn't exactly know what they entailed but the only way I found out was to actually join one and participate. 

Why are they so good?

Blogger chats open you up to a community of people who just like you - blog and enjoy blogging. Not all of us have thousands upon thousands of followers [like I presumed] we're not stuck up or judgmental, we're just having a good ole natter and contributing to a conversation and in turn, getting to know each other. 

They are a brilliant way of connecting with like minded people and I can safely say I have made some friends through these chats. 

If you have read Monday's post [Liebster Awards] 99% of the people I nominated were people I've met and had conversations with through blogger chats [With the exception of Emma who I went to school with]. 

Surprisingly, they're also good for cross promotion. You send your link out there at the end of the chat and people send you theirs and they find your blog and you find theirs [I've found some pretty awesome blogs through the chats too]. 

Besides all of the above, the chats are just fun. Last Friday for instance The Girl Gang had a 90's themed chat and OMG it was the best chat I've taken part in - no really - I felt like I was at a party. I had a 90's playlist on spotify playing, I was reminiscing about my childhood, music, crushes, toys, games e.t.c. and connecting with people who had similar experiences to me. It was a shame Claire missed out though because we had been talking about the 90's a few days before!! [Yes we are obviously psychic] 

It might start off as a reply to someone in the chat, it might start out by answering one of the hosts questions, you might one day host your own chat but they're really good to take part in. Come and join in, and if you need someone to speak to, come and find me on Twitter; I'm going to leave links to the places that have chats and the chats I participate in [and their days/times e.t.c.] 

I promise you, you won't regret taking part or feel out of place. 

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I hope you are all well. 

Miss Jamie-Leigh

BLOGGER CHATS: [All last approx 1 hour]

Here is a blogger chat timetable that you can DOWNLOAD [for free!!] http://www.beautybooksandbabble.co.uk/2016/03/printable-twitter-chat-timetable.html 

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