So yesterday was the day of my interview. And being a 24 year old with management experience and having interviewed people before. I thought I'd share some interview tips I've picked up along the course of having a job and looking for one.

If you have any other tips that are different than the ones I have shared feel free to leave them in the comments, or share your blog links too!!

TIP #1

Research the company your interviewing for. It might be the About us page on their website, it might be the whole website in its entirety. But getting some research in about the company and showing that in your interview can be a decider on whether you get the job or not. It shows that you're interested in the company and committed to spending extra time doing research. If anything. It's impressive.

TIP #2

Identify key skills that you can use in the position you've applied for. You should have done this when you applied but preparing for the interview, you should be identifying specific skill examples to show to your potential employer in an interview setting.

Ask yourself HOW you can display your skills. For example. How can you prove to an employer that you have great customer service or good team leadership skills?

TIP #3

In conjunction with Tip 2. Use google to find practice interview questions. I say get a good sample of about 100 questions if not more. Obscure, obvious, simple, extravagant questions from across the board. Try and keep them connected to the job you're looking for and always be prepared for the unexpected.

TIP #4

Dress to impress and dress appropriately. You want to look good. I can't tell you how many times someone walked into Burger King for a job interview [I was a manager, and yes I hated it] dressed in tracksuit bottoms or jeans. I get that it's not the best of jobs but God, make an effort, a shirt and tie at least, or a blouse and trousers - something smart!!

TIP #5

Arrive EARLY!!!! I don't mean 5 minutes early I mean 15-30 minutes early. Show you're keen to be there even if it means waiting around it leaves a positive impression.

And there we have it. 5 quick tips to get you started on the road to employment - or at least a decent interview. Mine went better than I thought it would [ I get really nervous] so just playing the waiting game now.

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I hope you are all well. 

Miss Jamie-Leigh

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