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Trying something new today, and if you can't tell what that is - I've put the picture at the top of the post, and I actually edited it this time! Woooo Go me. 

So I hope you can tell what this post is going to be about, if you can't - well.. 

So the Body shop coconut body scrub has made an appearance on the blog. I was unsure about doing beauty posts, because as much as I love my beauty products and things that make me look more human, I wasn't sure whether anyone would be interested and as it happens my last beauty post [Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Palette] is my current most popular post on here so hey - you liked it, were interested in it - or you just read it and moved on - who knows! But here I am again with another beauty post. 

Now firstly, the smell of this product sends me to my happy place, all body shop coconut things do! For me it's like a little slice of smelly heaven that I want to [and do] rub all over myself and keep the smell forever. 

As of this post, the Body Shop have changed the packaging and the size!, which tells you that this product last a long time - that or I'm really stingy with my application. It's probably the latter. 

I got 300ml/10.2 oz of product - the new size is 200ml!! or you can get the 50ml size too [£5]. But the 200ml size costs £13 but keep an eye out for the sales because I got mine in a bundle with [a soap, body wash and a bath lily for something like £25?] more products to make spending the money worth the while, although I'd probably spend the £13 for this now. 

A little thing to put your mind at ease: THE BODY SHOP ARE AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING! Which makes them a company that not only produces some brilliant products but also kind to animals - how nice. 

Now enough of me sounding like an advert [it's unintentional, I was giving you the info] 

The grains in this exfoliator/scrub are rather large, making it perfect for the body, I wouldn't recommend using this on the face, I did and it burnt [I have sensitive skin] so yeah - keep it away from the face. [It does say on the bottom of the container - not for facial use - probably should have read that!]

And for anyone interested: It's free of mineral oil and parabans [If you're a follower of Caroline Hirons like I am, you'll know why I mentioned that. If you're not - link at the bottom to Carolines blog] 

I personally recommend using this in the shower and not the bath [those grains don't dissolve] and I personally use this about once a week depending on my skin and how I'm feeling.

Side note: I have eczema on my legs and I've never had a problem using this product but if you're like me, test it out on a small patch first just in case - keep the reactions to a minimum. 

Overall this product does what it says it does, keep the dead skin off and makes you smell good in the process, there are other scents to the scrubs [and all their products] so if you want to, go check them out. I personally love them [and lush, I love lush too!] 

If you've got any recommendations for Body Shop products let me know in the comments or let me know your thoughts [with a link to your blog too!] on this product if you've used it. 

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I hope you are all well. 

Miss Jamie-Leigh

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with The body shop, this post is me giving a fair and honest review based upon my own personal experiences. I am not being [nor have I been offered] paid to write this post. 

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