So I want to move out!

I wish I was making the announcement that I WAS moving out, but I'm not - to my own disappointment, but I'm sure I'll be blogging about every step of the process when I do, so hold on to your horses people, the time will eventually come!

Moving out is something I've been thinking of doing for a while now, and whilst my finances are [ashamedly] a mess, moving out is one of those steps in life that the majority of us take, and a lot of us by my age [I'm nearly 25] have already done by now.

So why haven't I moved out yet?

  1. It's really expensive - like really expensive, how do people move out on their own anymore, here I am a single 24- nearly 25 - year old and rent prices are far too high for me to move out by my little lonesome, and well all know that I haven't got a friend to move out with, and even if I did, one of us would kill the other [not a joke] so what am I supposed to do. 
  2. I'm petrified - There's a few things that scare me about moving out. When I finally get a job and move out, what happens if I lose my job and can't get another one before the rent or the bills are due. My poor mother, currently it's just me and mum in the house alone, and when I move out she'll be all by herself, which makes me feel like a bitch for wanting to move out. 
  3. Being alone: Whilst I don't mind being by myself for the majority of the time, moving out on my own will feel different. I'll quite literally be on my own and not by choice [well, kind of by choice but you get my point] What will I do? 
Moving out can be a scary prospect, and the thought of paying for everything, and remembering to pay for everything myself scares the shit out of me - I'm a forgetful person - I will forget to buy food! 

I've always seen myself as this independent and stable person, but maybe I'm not as independent or stable as I've led myself to believe. Who knows. This could go brilliantly right or terrible wrong. 

I'll give you an update when the time comes. 

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I hope you are all well. 

Miss Jamie-Leigh

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