A different post today! A makeup post (OMG!), well I used to write a dedicated beauty blog but writing solely about one thing is generally (for me) boring, and I like the diversity of this blog for me now, I can write about different things and makeup is most certainly one of them. 

So why this palette? 

It's a simple answer, it's one of my favorite palettes from Makeup revolution that I own. The palette in question is called Golden Sugar (no it didn't quite occur to me to me to take a photo of the back.... yes I'm an idiot.) 

This palette contains 6 highlighter/blush shades, 1 contour shade and one shimmery bronze shade. The contour shade is light so if you need a darker shade this palette doesn't cater for you in that respect but the other colours are good to work with for other skin tones so I wouldn't discredit it for one colour. 

The palette as of this blog is £6 - I'm not lying!!! It's £6 (when I bought it some time ago it was £8 which is still pretty impressive)

You can find this specific palette here >> GOLDEN SUGAR PALETTE MUR

The finish of all of the blush shades in this palette is sheer, it leaves a lovely sheen on the face (especially the white)

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I hope you are all well. 

Miss Jamie-Leigh

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