Have we become a society wrapped up so much in the internet that we can't function without it?

So, last Friday, my internet went off unexpectedly, it turned out it was our provider completing some usual maintenance but I felt lost without it. I'd become so wrapped up in online life that I basically forgot how to have one without it, and it was only off for about 4 hours– it sounds crazy I know! But how many of you can turn everything off right now and go without your phone, laptop, tablets and internet for 24 hours?

I think that the internet provides us with so much that we get caught up with it, especially the younger generations. The internet offers us everything to get by on, we can contact friends and family, we can join online forums or clubs, we can watch anything we want to and the killer part is, we can do all of this WHEN we want to. There's no restriction with the internet, it's always there, waiting for us to log on and enjoy. Some people even use the internet for their jobs, so in reality, how much time do we use the internet for? And how important is it to our daily lives?

For me, everything I use is on the internet. This blog, my Youtube channel, my dad lives 100 miles away so I speak to him on the internet. I look for work online, I even studied my degree online. Technology has taken over our lives, invaded our personal time and space and manipulated us into a culture that thrives off of the next new technology and what it can do to improve our lives and make it simpler. I grew up when social media was Myspace (yes people no facebook, twitter OR Youtube until I was 14 and AOL was still popular, so for me I never had the problem with being so associated with the internet, because you couldn't do much with it and mainly because when I was 14, we didn't have it in my house, we couldn't afford it!)

So what do I use the internet for?:

  1. Blogging
  2. Youtube (Watching and uploading)
  3. Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, occasionally pinterest)
  4. Looking for actual paid work
  5. E-mails
  6. Looking for information for myself
  7. Looking for information for my mum (who has no idea how to turn a computer on let alone use the internet.
  8. Occassional shopping.

And that list is about the order of how much time I use on the internet (Most to least)

But what did I do without the internet? Those many (11) years ago. I didn't get the internet until I was about 15 – we couldn't afford it, it was expensive and my mum at the time only worked part time and my dad had fucked off.....that's another blog post.

Years ago, I would have had to hop in a car or on a train and travel to see my dad. Now? I hop onto skype and he's right there, in front of my face.

If I wanted to find information I'd have to leave the house and visit a library or a book store, now I use Google.

If I wanted to share information I'd have to actually speak to someone or pick up the phone, now I can do it here on my blog, on Youtube or via social media.

I'm not saying that the internet is a bad thing (Actually it's pretty marvellous when you think of what the internet really is), but I think for a few hours a day we should be taking ourselves off of the internet and going back to the old way and keeping in touch with what makes us a society and being part of a more local community.

The times have changed and without the internet, we would struggle somewhat but we're not going to die if it isn't there, our lives don't stop without it – even if it does feel like it at first.

So maybe, those of us who struggle to work out exactly how much time we spend on the internet per day or week. Maybe we should spend more time with those who are important to us. Face to face – in person, not on skype.

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I hope you are all well. 

Miss Jamie-Leigh

P.s Last thursday I spent about 15 hours on the internet <<< That's really fucking bad! My average for last week was between 10-12 hours A DAY! << Still fucking bad.... I think I need help but I've already addressed that issue in my Therapy post last week. Cough yes that was a plug Cough

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