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Is it just me or do the youth of today seem to be growing up so much faster than the rest of us? My 6 year old (7 on the 25th of Feb) already knows how to use a laptop, has his own tablet (the cheap but good ones) and generally seems to know more than I knew when I was 6. 

I'm writing this because my auntie put a photo up on social media of him going to his FIRST valentines "disco" which is well, far too adorable to even imagine. I went to a Church of England aka "You'll have no fun here" school so valentines dances or any type of after school party was out of the question. 

Thought I would add the photo but had to blur it out for obvious reasons. Whilst I appreciate the people that read my blog, I have no idea who any of you are.. and he's only 6 - you know how it works. 

I feel sometimes, seeing my younger family members growing up around me, as if, childhood isn't quite what it used to be. Are there more pressures on children these days or is it just me imagining it? Are they growing up too fast or is it because I'm older it just seems that way. 

There some local children who live by my family home who are what I see as "having a proper childhood" they play out on their bikes, they have costumes like the emergency services, they role play, they ride their bikes. It seems as though they haven't discovered technology and were simply born in the wrong era but it gives me some faith that children are still being children without the tech, without the pressures and hopefully, they're not growing up too fast. 

I loved my childhood and wish I could have had more of it but alas (credit: Dumbledore) I had to become an adult and grow up. Where's Peter Pan when you need him? 

What are your thoughts on this? 

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I hope you are all well. 

Miss Jamie-Leigh

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